Kitchen Fires and How To Prevent Them

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Certain areas in homes or businesses are naturally at an increased risk for fires. Think about tool shops or storage areas where you keep flammable goods or any other locations where flammable materials might be used.

ansul-systemKitchens are statistically among those places where the most fires originate. This is not surprising considering the often dangerous combination of hot, flammable oils and hot kitchen appliances.

To make matters worse, kitchen fires are often challenging to fight. Extinguishing agent such as water are entirely insufficient for kitchens, in fact it would cause an explosion if one were to use water trying to extinguish burning oil.

In addition to that requirement, extinguishing a fire in a kitchen will  normally also entail that any hot appliances such as grills or ovens need to be cooled down.

It is for those above reasons that special kitchen fire suppression systems are available to overcome the challenges when it comes to fighting fires in the kitchen. Today, those fire suppression systems are an important  element for safety in commercial kitchens.

Probably the most widely used kitchen fire suppression system is the Ansul fire suppression system for commercial kitchens. It is in use in thousands of today’s restaurants, hospitals and hotels and has proven itself over and over.

How does the Ansul kitchen fire suppression system work?

A number of nozzles that are directed at kitchen appliances can quickly and directly extinguish any type of fire. At the same time, the Ansul cools down the appliance to prevent re-flashing.

What makes this fire suppression system unique is the extinguishing agent used which is not only non-toxic but also self dissolving. In other words, as compared to other fire suppression systems, the Ansul requires minimal cleanup work.

Less damages from fires in kitchens that can quickly be extinguished along with minimal cleanup work means the least possible financial loss for any type of business that relies on an operating kitchen. It means less downtime for critical areas such as hospitals or airports.

If you want to learn about the Ansul kitchen fire suppression system, at Argos Fire Ltd. in Exeter you can read all about it






My Favourite Gym in Hackney

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fitness gym in Hackney

If you live in London and are looking for a good gym this is not always easy. Obviously, your favourite fitness hangout should be close to your home or at least it should be easily accessible by public transportation. There is really no point to choose a gym that’s located at the other end of the city, where going there would mean a rather lengthy travel.

But aside from the location of your gym there are other things you should look at too. For many of us, it’s of course the cost for a gym membership. But fortunately, most gyms today cost about the same to be competitive. But you can often find major differences if you look at their offers, even if the price is the same as another fitness gym.

For example, there are several decent gyms in Hackney that differ significantly in my opinion. Two of those I was looking at don’t really offer anything else than a plain membership. That’s great when you are familiar with exercise equipment and know exactly what you want and need. But what if you’re not exactly a fitness pro and need some help with finding the best routines for whatever you want to achieve. Would you know what machine to use if you want to lose some belly fat? What if you want to straighten your abs or your hips?

If you are one of those people (and I think most of us might be!) then you need a gym where you can get this advise. In other words, it’s important that competent fitness instructors and trainers are around. You wouldn’t want to end up in a gym not knowing what to do, right?

That’s why I always say to take a very close look at a fitness gym before you sign up with them. Checking out their sites doesn’t take a lot of time. Or you could simply call them and ask them about this. Just make sure you know what you get for your money’s worth! If you happen to live in Hackney like I do, check out London Fields Fitness. That’s the one I go to and I can recommend it.


About Golf Holidays In France

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Almost no European country today can provide so much for the golf enthusiast like France does. There are several reason for this and I want to tell you about them here in this article. Why is France a top-notch golfing holiday location?

Biarritz Hotel du Palais

The Hotel du Palais in Biarritz

You may not know it, but France today boasts over 550 top golf courses. That is more than the number of courses in all other European countries combines. What’s more, many of them are in the world’s top 100 list. It can for that reason without hesitance be said that France today is the golfing location in Europe if not the entire world.

France’s top courses are too many to list but I can at least try to give you sample of some of the most known ones. Among the top courses in France are Morfontaine, Les Bordes or Chantilly.

A very popular destination for golfers from all over Europe is the city of Biarritz. This French town has recently become the mecca for golf with its eight stellar golf courses that are all close-by.

What speaks for golf breaks in France as an ideal golfing vacation are not only the 1st class courses and venues but two other very appealing factors:

The short travel time from countries further north such as the UK or Scandinavia along with the moderate, virtually perfect golfing climate and weather. With golf courses in the cooler north to greens in the sunny South of France golfers can choose what climate fits them best for their favourite sports.

Most of the popular golfing venues in France will have modern hotels that can accommodate any spending budget. One may choose a golfing vacation with luxury pretty much like the holidays of a king or alternatively choose a charming hotel that is more budget friendly.

Today, France has it all for whether it be for the golfing beginner or even the most passionate golfer. You cannot go wrong booking your next golf holidays in France.

Getting the Cheapest Flights

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You will know that I like to travel a lot. One of my passions is to always find the best prices and deals on airfares no matter where I want to go.

travel-picsHowever there is a trick to it and not all people know about it. Here I want to let you in on my secret, courtesy of my friend who is working for a major airline in the United Kingdom.

The sooner you look for and book your flight, the better your chances you will get a good deal on your tickets. This applies whether you fly with a small airline order with any major ones, it does not matter.

In other words, when you know that you will go on vacation at a certain time you should reserve and book your flight as early as you even can, such as several months in advance.

Don’t forget that there are also countless websites where you can search for the cheapest flights no matter where you plan to go. Don’t just use one of those websites to get your price but try at least three or four of them.

If you do that plenty in advance for your planned travel you will have the best chance to get the lowest possible price on your airfare.

Do You Know The Singing Waiters?

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I have never heard of them before, but this was really an unforgettable experience. Okay a getting ahead here, let me explain what happened.

I was attending a wedding ceremony last month. There were about 100 guests and we had lot of fun the usual stuff going on. But little did we know that they had something really special planned which admittedly talk everyone at the party by surprise.

Singing Waiters In Action

Singing Waiters In Action

I’m talking about what is also known as the singing waiters. What happened was that we were trust done with one of the numbers toasts of the evening when all of a sudden some of the cooks and waiters stormed out of the kitchen and started screaming and yelling at each other. You can imagine the face of everyone at the wedding. And let me tell you they were really getting at each other!

But before this really strange event turned into something really embarrassing for all the guests music came on and those “waiters” and “cooks” all of a sudden started to sing and to dance. Everyone’s jaw dropped to the floor! If you have never seen the singing waiters in action it’s really hard to describe. It was an awesome experience because it felt like you were right in the middle of a play. The singing waiters first started out with some more popular tunes that are known from Broadway including “Cats”. Later on they did some improvisation of current pop songs with some pretty good hip-hop and as a final conclusion of the performance they did a Gang-Nam style dance where everyone jumped up the tables and gave them applause and a standing ovation that lasted about 10 minutes.

I can without doubt say that was one of the coolest weddings I have ever attended. You can bet that if someone asks me for the best entertainment for the next party or wedding I will tell them to go with the singing waiters, yes they were that good!

Horse Racing Tips – A Good Way To Get Some Extra Cash?

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I am one of those who really enjoys the occasional afternoons at the races. There is simply something about horse racing which keeps me excited so I keep going back all the time. But what always bugged me is that I didn’t have a good system in place for betting, to be honest for me it is mostly entertainment and not so much a steady way to have some extra money in the wallet.

Horse-Racing-UKBut I started thinking now that I can do much better at the horses so I started looking up some effective horse racing tips rather than having my winnings a random thing.

So I asked Jeff, a buddy of mine who I know for over twenty years already and where I know that he is very into horse racing and who made already a lot of money with it.

In fact, last year he remodeled his entire house and told me all the money was from what he won at the races! I asked him for some good horse racing tips and this is what he told me:

He said that I should stay away from most systems out there and he also told me that the majority of the tips for horse racing are not worth anything. There is only TWO ways to win at the horses:

1) You win by pure chance and luck.
2) You do some research and start betting on those horses and jockeys where you know that they have better odds.

And every system that works at the races  is one where you did your homework which means you’re increasing your odds for winning rather than relying on luck only.

He told me the best thing is to go to the races often and keep a journal to write down all the horses and teams all the time to make a statistic about their winnings. He also said that he is studying papers and websites where he finds all the data about wins and losses. The key here, he told me, is to know which horse will have the best chance at a particular race. If you know that one horse with a certain jockey has a very good track record you obviously have better odds with that horse as supposed to one that rarely ever won in the past.

Also, he let me me know that he always checks on the horses and jockeys before each race. He said in time you get a feeling for which horse may have better chances if you do that.


What is your favourite past time?

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I am working part-time as an accountant for a big corporate. But when I am not working I enjoy a lot of things in my free time like salsa dancing, traveling, volleyball and tennis.

My favourite travel locations so far: Mexico (Cancun, Cuernavaca), the United Kingdom and Spain. I have to admit it can sometimes be quite challenging to travel if you have to look at your budget, but if you know where to look and where to find the bargains then it can definitely be done. Then it can be rather easy today to find cheap flights online or to get a good deal on hotels.


In Cuernavaca

When I am not traveling I spend a lot of time in my local dance school where I just started with salsa lessons. There’s just something about Latin music, it’s so much more fun and in my opinion it’s the best way to exercise there is.

Ok, I can give you some tips if you got interested now: